Wireless Microphones on Agenda for August 6 FCC Meeting

Recent Activity

​The next Open Meeting of the Federal Communications Commission (FCC) will take place on August 6, 2015. The agenda includes discussion of the proceedings for the agency’s spectrum incentive auction in 2016. In an effort to raise federal revenues, the Administration and Congress have authorized the FCC to put up for sale the rights/licenses to use certain bands of radio waves –spectrum–on which wireless devices can operate. After auctions, the FCC will reorganize and repack the spectrum and may require wireless microphones to relocate to a different part of the spectrum. 

The procedures adopted during this meeting will dictate the rules governing the upcoming auction and will affect the future distribution of services in the broadcast spectrum. The FCC will also adopt rules for the technical operations of both licensed and unlicensed wireless microphones and a plan for a long-term home in the spectrum for wireless microphones. 

PAA advocates for performing arts wireless technology as a part of the Performing Arts Wireless Microphone Working Group. The group recently filed an Ex Parte letter outlining the needs of wireless microphones in the performing arts. Stay tuned for an update following the August 6 Open Meeting.