Standing Up for Transgender and LGBTQIA2S+ Freedoms

Policy threats to the  LGBTQIA2S+ community is creating a state of emergency and the challenges faced demand our immediate attention. The most recent state level legislative session has seen the enactment of 500+ discriminatory laws across the country, representing a systematic effort to control individuals’ bodies, stifle free speech and creative expression, and erase trans and nonbinary individuals from public life, including the arts. From bills that ban access to life-saving healthcare to those that hinder professional careers in the performing arts and arts education, it is imperative that we stand in support of LGBTQIA2S+ and trans communities. These measures not only affect transgender individuals but also impact drag performers and other artists who defy rigid gender norms. We find ourselves at a critical juncture, and it is imperative that we all pay attention and stand up against this.

The Performing Arts Alliance (PAA) stands with transgender and LGBTQIA2S+ artists and arts workers in protecting their rights. We are engaging with the members of our community who are most affected by these discriminatory laws to better understand their needs and explore how we can effectively support them. Additionally, we are engaged with others in the arts as well as broader social justice fields, so we can unite as a community in support of civil rights.

The Artists Communities Alliance, one of PAA’s member organizations, provides valuable principles for creating safety in arts spaces. Read ACA’s “Safety is not a Performance” and take steps to protect your LGBTQIA2S+ artists, staff, and audience members. Follow the Transgender Legislation Tracker to stay informed on national, state, and local anti-trans legislation.