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New Ticketing Rules Proposed at Federal Level

The Performing Arts Alliance has been working with many other arts organizations seeking to address critical issues surrounding the ticketing system. The Biden Administration, industry leaders, and members of Congress are recommending a variety of policy approaches to apply new legal and regulatory requirements to primary and secondary sellers. PAA members have reported significant problems with resellers that have engaged in practices such as exorbitant pricing, the sale of non-existent tickets, and even the distribution of counterfeit tickets. By and large, they have operated with impunity, evading consequences for their actions.

In response to these challenges, PAA has joined a coalition called Fix the Tix which comprises a diverse array of organizations and professionals from the live event industry, including artists, venues, managers, and unions. Together, we are committed to advocating for enhanced ticketing laws and regulations. Our ultimate objective is to rectify the prevailing issues in the industry and restore trust among fans when they purchase tickets.

The coalition has developed a Fix the Tix Plan, which includes; shielding fans from price gouging, putting an end to fraudulent resale practices, transparent ticket pricing, and empowering fans with ticket resale opportunities. This topic will be addressed by the National Independent Venue Association (NIVA) at their conference in Washington, DC. in July, which will include a Congressional Hill Day on July 12 dedicated to ticketing matters.