Prepare for the New Overtime Regulations

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On December 1, updates to the Fair Labor Standards Act (FLSA) take effect, increasing the salary threshold for employees entitled to overtime compensation to $47,476/year. The current salary threshold is $23,660/year. Regulations will also automatically update this threshold every three years-beginning in 2020-based on national wage growth.

While the House has passed legislation that supports a phased-in implementation, and there are pending legal challenges to the regulations, it is not expected that this legislation will move through the Senate or find support with the Administration. Employers are strongly urged to prepare for implementation.

To offer guidance, OPERA America and Theatre Communications Group (TCG) have created these helpful resources which discuss implementation of the regulations from the perspective of a nonprofit performing arts organization:

Here are additional resources discussing the regulations from the lens of the nonprofit sector:

(Photo Credit: Bernard Polet, Flickr Creative Commons)