July 17, 2018 Advocacy Report

Advocacy Update

We write today to ask for your urgent response to help secure funding for the NEA in 2019. 

Floor votes on NEA appropriations bills have not regularly taken place in recent years, and this is even more rare in the U.S. Senate. Quick action is expected in the House this week, and the Senate next week.

There is an immediate threat to NEA funding-Representative Glenn Grothman (R-6-WI) has introduced an amendment to reduce NEA FY19 appropriations by 15%, approximately $23 million, to offset federal spending.

Year after year, Congress has demonstrated strong bipartisan support for the arts and humanities. This year, the Interior Bill includes an increase in funding for the NEA of $2 million, bringing its budget to $155 million. This is exactly the amount that arts advocates have requested for the Agency. 

Now is the time to act! Contact your Representative and urge opposition to the Grothman amendment, and continued support for the grants and leadership provided by the NEA and NEH.

PAA will continue to keep you informed as events unfold in the House and update you on how you can help with the next step – consideration by the U.S. Senate.